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Back from Work
An other wonderful drawing done by :icongamera1985: . Thank you so much. This is a raffle I won months ago on his Patreon.

Here we have three sweet conjoined girls who just came back home and are ready to relax and have some fun. I wonder what kind of fun they will have hehe but I guess their body is well equiped to do lots of kinky things.^^
Selfuck (Selfcest)
 An other commission I requested done by :icongamera1985: . Thank you very much once again.

I wanted to see for so long a pic with conjoined girls fucking themselves. So here they are, going at it. You can bet they love it and will do it every day now hehe. :)

Uncensored version here:…
Two Palutenas
A wonderful commission done by :icongamera1985: . Thank you very much.

Well what should I say ? I like Palutena, I think she's a very interesting character and she's very cute. So why not add spicy things hehe. :)

Uncensored pic here:…
Amazon Queen
Okay a pic I finally decided to upload here. A commission done by :icongamera1985: . I thank him very much for the drawing.

Well not much to say here, they are Queens of an Amazonian tribe and they like to masturbate every time they have free time. Talk about horny girls hehe. :)

Uncensored version here:…
Suzy and Luna (Suna)
My new original character I imagined and a very big thanks to :iconorigin-artsandcomics: for the drawing.

Suzy and Luna are a pair of conjoined Centauresses. Suzy is on their right and Luna on their left. Their names are a reference to the Sun and the Moon. When you talk to both of them you can call them Suna(a mix of their names). They came from a Centaur tribe and now they are on a journey to discover how Humans live. Luna is the most cheerful of the two, always trying to be friend with everyone and always wanting to have fun. Suzy is more reserved and serious, always scolding and protecting her sister. But when it comes to sex, Suzy is more straight forward than her sister. She never hesitates to show Luna she wants it, like here playing with their breasts while Luna blush, not really knowing how to react to her sister urges.

I hope you like them guys, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have, they will gladly answer you.^^




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